Dog Rescue

Here at Dogdays we are huge animal enthusiasts and are passionate about helping the less fortunate fur-babies. It is important in the animal-community to address the issues of over-populated shelters and animal rescues.

We would like to donate proceeds as often as we can to both local and international animal rescues and have a donation bin set up for clients to drop off either new or well-loved pet items for a good cause! 

If you would like to bring a particular animal rescue to our attention or provide us with more innovative ideas on how Dogdays can help less-fortunate animals, we would love to hear it! 



OSPCA is responsible for housing hundreds of unwanted animals and embarking on rescue missions across Ontario.


Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic

This amazing rescue organization is one very personal to Co-Owner Tianna, as it is responsible for providing her with her first rescue pup, the late Dahla. They are a non-profit group who rescues countless stray dogs and cats from the streets of Puerto Plata.


Toronto Humane Society

Toronto Humane Society has housed and fostered thousands of stray animals throughout the years.