Bringing your dog to our daycare is beneficial for many reasons. Socialization with their own species teaches preferred behavior and releases energy that can otherwise cause dogs to be disruptive at home. The indoor facility allows dogs to be able to run and play without worry of outdoor weather. It also keeps them clean so they go home the way they came!

Dogs will always have supervised play with trained staff members and will be provided with fun, dog appropriate toys to keep them active.

All of our staff members are well trained on dog behaviour and crisis control. So there is no need to worry about your little (or large) fur babies when they’re at daycare!

Our daycare areas are separated into two different play groups. Hound House is for large dogs, and Puppy Porch is for small dogs. The reasoning for this is that different sized dogs have different play styles and putting them into their appropriate playgroups avoids conflict and promotes healthy play.

Our daycares have “Potty Pads” with fake turf and a drainage system so that dogs have a designated area to relieve themselves without dirtying the play area!

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At Home Help & Transportation

Home visits are available for dogs that are not suitable for daycare or any other pets that need to be taken care of! A Dogdays staff member can come by your house to feed and water your pet as well as clean litter boxes, allow pet outside, ect. Home visits are typically 30 minute sessions.

Transportation is offered for owners who are unable to drop off and pick up their dogs from daycare/grooming. A trusted staff member can bring your dog right to your home!


Private & Group Walks

Dogdays provides either group or private walks for those high-energy dogs that need to burn off remaining energy before heading home from daycare.



Dogdays has experienced groomers who are able to groom your dogs by either breed-standardized cuts or just your personal preference!

Some grooming services include: bath and brush, full groom, clean-up, nail trimming, pawdicure (trim and grind), teeth brushing and even dog-safe nail “paw-lish”.